What Is eCommerce and The Advantages of eCommerce

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What Is eCommerce and The Advantages of eCommerce

In this article, we will talk about the advantages of eCommerce after simply answering the questions of what is eCommerce meaning and how eCommerce works and how to run eCommerce. We will also mention about eCommerce web development pricing as a top eCommerce development company in Turkey.

What is eCommerce and How eCommerce Works?

eCommerce (electronic business, online commerce) is basically a system in which purchase, sales, communication, marketing, and payment transactions of products and services are managed through mobile phones, tablets, or computers.

With the internet and social media becoming an indispensable part of our daily life, the purchasing behavior of consumers is changing rapidly and their interests and demands are shifting to digital channels. Therefore, online shopping, eCommerce systems are growing more and more day by day.

There are many ways of running an eCommerce business and the processes to be followed vary according to many factors such as the product, sector, size of the business, etc. However, if we are to draw a general road map regarding how to run eCommerce, we can list 5 fundamental steps as follows.

1. Build an eCommerce site suitable for your product and industry.
2. Plan the processes of business operations.
3. Determine your marketing and sales channels and strategies.
4. Make improvements based on data of user-feedback.
5. Follow the developments in the sector closely and take the necessary actions.

The Advantages of eCommerce

eCommerce has numerous benefits and advantages over traditional commerce. we can group these advantages into 5 main categories; management, cost, time, place, and communicative advantages.

eCommerce advantages

1. Easy Management: It allows you to track and measure the performance and processes. It also helps you follow the right strategies with transparent analysis. You can manage your business anywhere anytime.

2. Lower Costs: It helps get rid of the inevitable costs of physical stores such as rent, warehouse, excess inventory, etc. as well as reducing the costs of advertising, marketing, operation, workforce. It gives you the opportunity to present your products to your customers at very low costs through digital marketing channels.

3. Time-Saving: Speeds up the sales process with the 24/7 open store. It saves time for both the customer and the seller. It makes you always accessible.

4. Venue Benefit: It helps increase your market share while expanding your target audience within a bigger trade area. It enables you to multiply your sales channels through digital mediums. It gives the opportunity to present unlimited numbers of products with descriptive product information.

5. Effective Communication: It offers your customers the opportunity to have a better shopping experience through personalized messages and product suggestions thanks to the advanced tracking codes. It enables you to manage customer relationships more effectively so you can turn your visitors into loyal customers.

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If you plan to run an eCommerce business or just want to learn about eCommerce website building prices, continue reading the article.

eCommerce Website Pricing

First of all, it is worth noting that the price scale of the eCommerce website is quite wide. Prices are typically determined by whether it's custom-design or template-based, infrastructure or designs which are eCommerce software, domain name, eCommerce hosting, SSL certificate, payment processing options, store theme and designs, add ons and extensions. You can optionally have an eCommerce website built in 2 ways.

The first option is to supply it from eCommerce platforms that sell ready-made standard templates. You can launch a complete eCommerce site for less than $1,000. In some cases, you can get started with an investment of around $100, especially if you're willing to rely on free resources to get your business online. But with most of the eCommerce platforms, you'll also need to cover ongoing expenses that might range from $100 to $1,000s every month, depending on your business size and needs.

The second option is to get custom solutions from companies that design and develop eCommerce sites that address exactly your needs and target audience. Instead of standard templates and ongoing expenses, we strongly recommend a custom eCommerce site that will both appeal to your potential customers and offer them the best shopping experience. The price range of custom eCommerce sites totally depends on the factors mentioned above as well as the size and complexity of the project.

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