Set up An Instagram Shop.

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Set up An Instagram Shop.


If you want your social media and sales to work together, this article is for you! If you already have a social media account and an e-commerce website, it is possible to sell your product or service on Instagram. Your potential customers can find you on social media and shop without ever visiting your site. But, it can take a few steps if your account is a personal account. We'll look at these steps together today. First of all, you should connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts. But this is just the beginning. Some accounts are not allowed to open stores. You can open a store if you follow these steps. 

Set up an Instagram Shop:

  1. After connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts, your account must be open as a business account.

  2. You must have an active e-commerce website. It has to be your own site.

  3. Your products should be on your e-commerce site without errors and complete so that they are complete in your store on Instagram.

  4. You must have a business account on Facebook Business Manager. This account is one of the most important steps for opening a store.

  5. You must create a product catalog with Facebook Business Manager.

That's it! 

You can increase your sales by creating your own catalog without paying any fee. With this feature, your engagement will grow with your target audience, and your conversions will automatically increase.

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