Reels Video Tricks

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Reels Video Tricks

Today, we’re going to talk about Reels, one of Instagram's most popular features whose algorithm most of us are still trying to figure out. Instagram, which used to be about only posts and stories, it has got a new TikTok-like feature, a vertical video post format which they called it Reels. The fun fact is that people watch the amateur videos more than the professionally produced ones. So pro video content producers were not happy with this. They researched about this but and couldn't find the answer why their Reels videos are not watched.

Here we prepared a list of tricks for you to follow to have higher engagement on Reels;

  1. Don't give up to continue creating good content and visuals. Keep producing high-quality videos

  2. Always position your videos vertically rather than horizontally. A format that is never preferred in horizontal reels. 

  3. The hashtag is also important in this situation. You should use relevant hashtags with your content. Don’t use the usual hashtags such as "#like or #forlike".

  4. The opening seconds of reels are crucial. The user who comes across your reels should be able to say "what is this?".

  5. The most significant aspect of this work is trends. You must adopt and follow the trends. You can increase your viewing rates and join the trendy caravan in this method.

  6. Set the right sharing times. This information is available on Instagram in the statistics section. There, the active times of the people who follow you are written.

  7. Prefer music that is just starting to gain popularity rather than the most popular music.

If you apply these suggestions that we have gathered for you today, you will be surprised at the increase in the number of views. Don't hesitate to do these. The key to this job is to produce without giving up.

See you in our next article!