How Can You Maximize Your Instagram Presence?

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How Can You Maximize Your Instagram Presence?

Social media takes up almost all of our daily lives. In particular, we use social media to share and express our feelings and thoughts. The number of people who see social media as a job is growing day by day. We meet new faces and discover new links every day.

On these platforms, where we meet new people, a big question mark appears in the minds of Instagram users. Why can't I grow on Instagram? Why can't I solve the algorithm?

Today, we will explain how you can maximize your Instagram presence.

  1. First of all, your followers must be organic. In this case, if you have any fake follower accounts, you should remove all fake accounts from your pages. But if you leave these accounts suddenly, you will get spam and your page will be taken. You can't get your page back again. This is a very serious situation.

  2. Pay attention to the BIO section of your profile as much as possible. Because people who visit your page first browse it. Write about your interests, and if you have a website, put the website link in the BIO. You can even support your interests with hashtags.

  3. Share your posts on a certain schedule. When Instagram was first launched, 3 posts a week was enough. However, with the addition of reels and stories, the number of posts has increased almost every day.

  4. Instagram is slowly on its way to becoming Tiktok. Although this has been blocked a little more after the latest news, reels are still watched a lot and reach a lot of people. Do not underestimate the power of reels. Videos related to your page will attract a lot of attention.

  5. Identify which hashtags are relevant to your page and use them in each post.

  6. You should create original and different content. Try to catch people's attention.

  7. Communicate with your followers. Take surveys, ask questions, and respond to all comments.

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