What Should We Consider When Sending E-Mails?

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What Should We Consider When Sending E-Mails?

How many emails do you send in a day? Whether looking for work, engaging with clients, or referring to a government agency, e-mail can take up nearly all of our time. Not to mention the unread emails... So, how much do we know about the mail order? What is the most common blunder that we make when sending mail? To return to the beginning, do we simply focus on composing the e-mail and not pay attention to anything else while sending an e-mail? Today, we'll review what you should look for while sending an email.

  1. Always describe the subject of your email in a clear and precise manner. Because misinterpretation of your e-mails can cause major havoc. This is especially true with huge corporations. That is why we wanted to highlight it as the first item.

  2. Instead of using a personal e-mail account, send your emails through a company e-mail account to appear more professional. You may have separated your work and personal life.

  3. The introductory sentence of your e-mail should definitely not be "what's up" :) "You should prefer a more professional entry such as greetings and hello. You can also end your mail with expressions such as thank you, I am waiting for your reply, best regards.

  4. You know that although Turkish seems like a language that is read as it is written, it is not. Therefore, when writing your e-mail, you should write in accordance with the rules of spelling and grammar, not in everyday language. We recommend you to read it 3 times to avoid mistakes. Another thing to do is not to use capital letters.

  5. Don't let your e-mails be epic… This will scare the person you are sending an e-mail to. Maybe it may take a while to get a reply to your e-mail. Therefore, always be clear, concise, and concise, as we mentioned in point 1. Regardless of the subject of your information, complaint, suggestion, or e-mail, you should always be concise.

  6. Please do not skip the CC part. In this section, you can add people who will be related to the mail to the cc section. This part is important because you should identify the names you need to add to the CC well. CC, which has a hierarchical structure, you should write the person who is at the top level. Although this is not very important for us, it can cause problems for some large companies.

Maybe it looks like too many steps, but for someone who regularly emails, they are quite simple to learn!

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