Each brand is a representative of Office701 too as much as it is of itself…



The "smart home assistants" developed by Arçelik in our country as well as world giants such as Amazon, Google, LG, and Apple fulfill our requests within seconds. Let's review what these five devices can do and see if these devices that are supposed to make our lives easier are really worth buying.

Amazon Echo
The first series of Amazon Echo, the first smart home assistant, was launched in 2014. This device wakes up when it hears the word "Alexa" and is ready to follow the commands from you. Among the things it can do are play all the music in the Music list with the voice command he takes from you, make calls, send messages and connect with other Echo products with commands you give, 360-degree quality sound system, fill the whole room with music, answer questions, read the news, traffic status and In addition to providing information about local businesses, providing information about match times and match scores, reading audiobooks, it can also create a to-do list and remind you of your programs.

Echo can also control the lighting, ventilation and television at home by connecting with WeMo, Philips Hue, Sony, Samsung Smart products, Nest, and other compatible devices. You can also use some food and transportation services such as Uber and Domino's with the help of voice commands with Echo. The only difference in the top models of Amazon's Echo series is the higher quality sound and microphone system. 2nd Generation Amazon Echo without Turkish language support is on sale via the internet with an average price of 999 TL.

Google Home
Google Home launched in 2016 has almost the same features as Amazon Echo. It can answer the questions you ask through the Google search engine, provide information about match times and scores, nutritional values and calorie amounts, financial news, can make translations, and also features dictionaries and calculators. It can control your lighting, sockets, television and sound system, as well as calling, texting, planning your day, creating a shopping list, reminder, timer and sending location to your phone without using your hands. Çocuklar için de eğlenceli oyunlar içeren ancak Türkçe'yi desteklemeyen bu cihazın fiyatı Türkiye'de ortalama 850 civarında.

LG Hub Robot
LG Hub Robot introduced at the beginning of 2017 has slightly different features than other products. This device which has a camera and a screen can recognize the members of the house and greet the home members personally by establishing eye contact. The screen can express its own feelings and transfer images to its screen. LG Hub Robot has all the features of Google Home and Amazon Echo. You can also control your LG washing machine, dishwasher, smart vacuum cleaner and refrigerator that are compatible with the device and have Wi-Fi connection. This product that uses the data of Amazon is not on sale yet in Turkey.

Apple HomePod

This device combining Siri intelligence with music taste will provide access to more than 40 thousand songs with Apple Music. It will be able to work compatible with more than one HomePod. Besides its quality speaker, it can be used as a home assistant. This device which will provide home automation is expected to be released in early 2018.

Arçelik Asista
Arçelik Smart Home Assistant, the only product with Turkish language support that is planned to be released in late 2017 but has not been released yet, will be able to play music, answer your questions, and synchronize with smart products at home. You will be able to make your food orders, banking transactions, and online orders by voice commands.

Even if we think that the fact that the devices can be capable of doing so much stuff with voice commands at home and this can lead to a security gap; considering where the technology has come and may evolve in the future and what we can do by only our voice, it will undoubtedly take our standard of living to a different point.