Must-Have Apps on Smartphones

Each brand is a representative of Office701 too as much as it is of itself…

Must-Have Apps on Smartphones

Today, we have prepared content for you that everyone will explore! Which apps do we mostly use on our smartphones? What is essential for us?

That is exactly what we have come to discuss! Check out the must-have apps for your phone right now!

  1. Upcall

Aren't you tired of getting spam calls? This app is designed for people who are tired of spam. It detects caller numbers in advance and alerts you if they are spam. It keeps you from wondering, "Who is this now?' Even though it is owned by Turkcell, UpCall is a free mobile application that anybody can use.

  1. Shazam

You're in a club, a cafe, or somewhere else, and there's music playing that you like but don't know what song it is. In situations like these, the Shazam app discovers the exact music you're looking for.

  1. Google Keep

Note-taking tools are a popular feature of smartphones. This Google product allows you to take notes online. The coolest thing is that you can open your own Google account on your tablet while taking notes on your phone. You may sign in to your Google account and access your notes from any location.

  1. Ekşi Sözlük

It is a fact that we get the news we get from television from mobile applications… But you can have a look at various ideas from the titles opened in Ekşi Sözlük in seconds.

  1. Snapseed

When it comes to smartphones, we are mainly concerned with their photography features. This enables anyone to become a beginner photographer. When the colors do not turn out as we desire, we resort to using utilities. In our opinion, Snapseed is one of them. You can edit your images professionally and easily. Furthermore, we can state that the interface is really user-friendly.

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